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  • Niagara Vineyards
  • Niagara Vineyards
  • Niagara Vineyards
  • Niagara Vineyards


Welcome to our home region!

It always amazes us how visitors to Niagara thoroughly enjoy the great cycling routes the region has to offer. The words of praise are often abundant as cyclists roll through the vineyard landscapes. The region’s climate is the most amicable in all of Canada which when united with wonderful scenery and interesting attractions, it makes Niagara the ideal cycling destination.

There is a vast selection of wineries to visit known internationally and produce some excellent vintages. In addition, there are interesting historical sites, beautiful parks and great dining throughout the region.

Niagara holds a great balance of interesting ways to build your fun day or a weekend getaway with cycling as a principal activity.

Corporate and Private Group - Understanding the needs of each group is our expertise. We always work diligently with the lead planner to customize the groups’ active outing to suit the team’s objective. Each itinerary may begin directly from the hotel location or start point of choice with the ride planned to suit the group’s interests, fitness level and the time available to dedicate. Leisurely rides to more challenging itineraries are built to suit as we tailor the ride plan accordingly. If required, adding or reducing the distance or difficulty of the ride is never a problem. We understand cycling and each individual on tour may need a more or less cycling than the core of the group. Rest stop highlights such as sipping wine at Niagara’s award winning wineries or culinary indulgences such as excellent local fare restaurants are common themes to be arranged. 

Bicycle Rental Looking for a top notch ride? If you are travelling to Niagara and wish to tour on your own, Steve Bauer Bike Tours have high quality Argon 18 road bicycles with Shimano DI2 shifting available for your riding pleasure.

Don’t hesitate to send us a request note to see what we plan for your ultimate Niagara getaway tour for corporations, incentive planners, clubs or groups of friends.  

We look forward to hearing from your ideal tour plan.  We will design your vacation getaway whether in Niagara, or another preferred destination in Canada or abroad.

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